We help you to easly find yout next home.

Q: Do Kejalist own or Apartments?

NO, Kejalist is a free house listing site that allows agents and house owners list their properties. Hence all houses are owned by third parties.

Q: How do i get a house and/or an apartment?

You can easily get a house by easily searching the location or bedrooms in our search portal that appear in every page of our website.

Q: Can I list my land on Kejalist website portal?

NO, our main focus is to connect house seekers to house owners. We encourage more listing for apartments and Homes.

Q: I ca't find my desired apartment/home?.

If chances happen that you cannot find a house that you desired. Please send your details at the link provided (REQUEST HOUSE) link button and our team will get you a house of your desired terms

Q: How do I know that the house I want is real

Although we try to guarantee our listing are real, our verified houses have a small verify mark to ensure the users get the best.

Q: How do i contact the house oner?

After finding the house, there is a phone number provided by the house owner. Use the number to call/contact the house owner.

Q: I need a house house to stay for the weekend.

It is hard to find a house for a WEEKEND stay since most of the properties listed at our website are usually for sale or for long rent stay

Q: Should I pay for the house online

NO, when you get your desired house and its location, ensure you visit and view the house, after view it, make sure you do the transactions through the bank. We encourage the use of bank as payment method since you can get evidence and chances of getting conned are little