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Jeff Ngugi Mon 2019-06-03

Renting, Building or Buying House In Kenya.

One of the hardest decision that is hard to make when you want to move to a new home is if you should permanently own it or if you should rent it. It even becomes harder when you decide you want to permanently want to own home: Should I buy or should I build?  


Renting a home is probably cheap but expensive. If you decide to rent a home, the amount of money required is usually small but you’ll have to keep pumping more cash to live in. There are few advantages of renting a house.

  • The cost of land in Kenya has been rising at an alarming rate. This will make it hard for most people to get a place to build house

  • Low financial situations. Depending on the financial situation, most low income earners will prefer renting that owning a property.


When you decide to own a house, you’ll probably have a dilemma. Building from scratch or buying a ready house or apartment. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.


One of the main consideration will be your budget. Although you might get a mortgage to buy a house. If the buying price is Ksh.5,000,000, you’ll need at least a 3.5% of downpayment and a good credit score to get the mortgage. On the other side you’ll require a land to build the house, and a well listed construction cost. The price of land depends on many factors.


Mortgage in Kenya is not much friendly to home buyers. And as it is hard for one to save enough for a house. Most people will prefer buying a plot of land and developing the house at their own managable paces


Although the land maybe expensive, building a house has the advantage of you being able to customize the home in your own way in accordance to your budget. You can also be able to build a low budget house and customize later.


When getting a new house, you are usually adviced to get more iformation about mortgage, construction loan and rent terms from sites like


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